On the OMGs SysML page, results have been published of a review on two competing draft standards for SysML (UML profile for Systems Engineering). I’m not the world’s greatest expert on languages, nor on Systems Engineering, but the issue list and the executive summary seem to indicate that both specification teams have ignored their main stakeholder: the system engineer who’s supposed to be using SysML. How else can a statement like this (from the executive summary) be part of the review comments:

Missing relationship

Issue 13.00 describes a missing relationship. In the words of Michael Latta: €œNeither specification provides any semantics for allocation. They both treat allocation as a comment/documentation element. The semantics for allocation are one of the core components of Systems Engineering practice and research results for the last 30 years. ….

I think it’s going to take another while before SysML is really going to be considered for serious use by our world’s system engineers.