Jyvaskyla, Finland—April 2, 2008 — MetaCase (www.metacase.com), the leading provider of Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) tools, has announced the release of a new, feature rich version of their flagship software tool, MetaEdit+®.
With this latest release, MetaCase aims to considerably simplify graphical domain-specific language (DSL) creation for the growing number of organizations interested in generating full code from models. New metamodeling tools ease the challenges of language design, and offer the possibility to immediately test the created languages. Existing models update automatically in response to language changes, and an enhanced interface reduces overall design complexity. Updates to the integrated generator tools support valuable reverse engineering tasks, enabling users to read data from external sources (e.g. legacy code). This allows expert developers to control the reverse engineering process and to define how legacy code should be used and visualized within the models.
MetaEdit+‘s unparalleled multi-user environment allows users on different platforms, with different license types, and different modeling languages to effectively work together. By locking only the minimum amount of design information, multiple users can edit the same models—even the same objects—reducing lock-outs, and ensuring that the models are free from any design data conflicts. Improved administrative tools streamline multi-user setup and maintenance, delivering a new level of remote control over various automated processes, such as routine backups and versioning system integration.
Included in the release are several new example languages and supporting descriptions, e.g. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), insurance product specifications, automotive infotainment systems, and home automation controllers, designed to assist users in quickly defining their own DSL.
“We are committed to maintaining our position as the technology leader in field of Domain-Specific Modeling and Languages” said Dr. Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, CEO of MetaCase. “We are pleased to see the sharp rise in organizations that are now recognizing the productivity and quality advantages that Domain-Specific Modeling offers. We are continually working to make it easier for them to enter this exciting field by providing rich, powerful, easy-to-use tools that continue to outperform the competition.”
About MetaCase MetaCase is the leading provider of Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) environments. Since 1991, MetaCase has been enabling its customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness with modeling languages and generators designed to meet their needs. The company’s flagship product, MetaEdit+®, is providing thousands of developers worldwide with a more productive, higher quality approach to system and software development. For additional information, including full media kit and product evaluation details, visit

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