Most web sites are interactive nowadays, in the sense that they require data from users, and provide other data or information in return. That's a very generic way of describing just about every only store, community and company web site.
For our new venture, Consultants United, we require such a web site as well, and we're not too fond of CMS-es like Joomla, which offer more than you need in features and often too little in relation to the features that you do need. That's why I decided to base our new site on CodeIgniter, like my own company site for Delphino Consultancy. For the latter, I was already building a DSL that would allow me to generate all the stuff required for the MDSD Tooling index and integrate it smoothly into my site.

Given that the new web site had higher priority than the index, but I want to build both, I decided to go for it and create a DSL and code generator for interactive web sites, using MetaEdit+. Once the site is up and running, I want to redo the effort using XText and MPS, to get some first hand experience the differences between graphical DSL modeling, textual DSL modeling and intentional modeling. To this list, I will probably add WebDSL as well, once it's PHP support is released. I have no use for the Java/Tomcat version, since my provider, like many others, doesn't support that platform unless I buy a dedicated server.

Right now, the first stage of building the DSL in MetaEdit+ is almost done. I build a DSL that allows me to model the basic data model that needs to be supported by the site, and I'm able to generate all the models, views and controllers that I need in CodeIgniter from that, as well as language/translation information, SQL to generate the database and form validation code.

That was a nice stepme_sample, but I need more. I don't want to do the navigation by hand, and there's a workflow that we need to go through in order to get data into the system (an interactive project marketplace) in the right manner. So, right now I'm working on a small DSL for that, which I hope to combine with the Entity DSL to be able to generate the static and dynamic parts of the site completely.

I will publish separate entries on this in the not too distant future:

  • An architecture for model driven web development (MDWD)
  • A structural DSL for web applications
  • A workflow DSL for web applications
  • Combining DSLs into a web application MDSD solution
  • Adding a DSL for look and feel, or not?
  • Extending the architecture: precooked features

After the launch of the first site, and hopefully also the MDSD Index, this will be followed by some more posts:

  • MDWD: revisited with XText and MPS
  • MDWD: revisited using WebDSL

This looks like a lot of work, so I'm not going to predict any dates. Just keep an eye on this blog.