Looking over the past few months, say since PPL 2009, I perceived the following trends in model driven development.

  • language workbench is a term that seems to be replacing the notions of MDA-tool and DSL-toolkit very rapidly now. Of course the term is not new, but it is becoming more common.
  • in DSL world, the distinction between graphical and textual DSLs is rapidly being replaced by integration of the two, see cooperation between Itemis and MetaCase, but also recent attempts to integrate XText with GMF
  • language workbenches with multiple views on the same content, like Intentional has been promoting, are showing up in multiple places right now (MPS, Spoofax, the integration mentioned above)
  • given what I read in the ACM Journal a couple of months ago various articles in IEEE Computer ed. October 2009, models@runtime will become more visible shortly as well

Which trends do you, MDSNetwork members, perceive, both in practise and in research? I'd be glad to hear from you, since I've been asked to do an article on trends in this area (for a Dutch magazine) over the next few weeks. Of course an English translation will follow shortly afterwards on my blog.

I'd be more than happy to receive ideas here, in mail, through the Model Driven Software Network, through twitter or face-to-face during CG2010 next week.