Last week I was in a Skype conference call with a number of model driven development specialists to discuss how the Language Workbench Competition should be shaped. We decided that, instead of aiming for one specific workshop deadline at a conference, the competition will be an online event. Participants will be provided with a case description, which they should implement in their Language Workbench of choice, showing how they meet the criteria set by the case, and what additional strengths their Language Workbench offers. The results, in the form of papers and online demos will be published through the competition web site at, and on various occasions we will submit workshops, Birds-of-a-Feather and other sessions at conferences to demonstrate and discuss the results with competition participants and other interested parties.

The goal of the competition is to provide insight in which workbenches are moste suitable for different purposes and environments. There's no prize, except infinite fame and our gratitude, just like (at least in our perception) there's no ultimate general purpose language workbench.