Summer holidays are over now on the northern hemisphere, while the southern one is looking forward to spring. Everybody is returning to work, and some participants for the language workbench competiton have announced themselves. No concrete solutions have been posted, but so far, the following people appear to be active:

  • Markus Voelter is implementing an MPS solution
  • Steven Kelly put a MetaEdit+ solution on his to-do list
  • Eelco Visser announced to implement a Spoofax version of the case
  • Karsten Thoms has promised to come up with an XText solution
  • Andriyy Levytskyy is working on an AToM3 based solution

With a bit of luck, but time is short, we might be able to show some first efforts at SPLASH 2010. If not, Markus, Steven and Eelco will organise another activity around this competition - because we need more show cases to participate.