It's been quiet here for a while, because I was busy with a lot of things in parallel. However, all of that may be of interest to others, so here's an overview.

CodeGeneration 2011

First of all, as a member of the program committee, I reviewed all proposals submitted for CodeGeneration 2011. After the committee reviewed everything, this resulted in once again an interesting program, full of experience sharing, new developments and hands-on sessions. So, hopefully we meet you all on May 25th - May 27th in Cambridge.

I almost feel pity that I will be missing out on the last day of the conference, but I have to travel back to The Netherlands on the 27th, to visit what could once again be my last chance to see my all time favouris Rush live on stage.

Language Workbench Competition 2011

Next to CG2011, I've been preparing a workshop that will be held at the same venue on May 24th, the first Language Workbench Competition workshop. During a few meetings at CG2010, the idea for a language workbench comparison was coined by Markus Völter, and about 10 of us jumped on the bandwagon to arrange it. After the, too ambitious, attempt to get a Birds-of-a-feather arranged on SPLASH2010, we decided that a workshop during CG2011 would be more feasible. And so it is - we have 12 submissions in the making that attempt to implement the proposed case, and 10 of those will be presented by their creators during the workshop. In fact, we are currently looking into the options to extend the workshop from a half day to a full day session, to be able to cover all 10 submissions in sufficient detail.

Attending the workshop is open for anyone interested, either as part of the CodeGeneration 2011 conference package, or as a separate item (95 pounds). Hope to see you there, now that we know what is possible with DSLs and code generation, getting the right workbench is the next step to take.

MDSN interview with Chris Raistrick

Finally, I am also preparing the third interview in the series that Peter Bell and myself are conducting for the Model Driven Software Network. On March 31st, at 6PM BST, I will be interviewing veteran modeler and executable UML expert Chris Raistrick. Keep an eye on this announcement to find instructions for joining the interview at GotoMeeting.