This blog was a bit quiet for a while, and lately I've used it mainly to report briefly on our trip through Canada. For that last bit, I relied completely on a simple, portable set up. What does it take to maintain a blog while on the road?

1) A mobile device - in my case a Motorola Xoom, running Android 3.2 (still hoping Motorola will release a 4.1 upgrade to Europe)
2) A blogging app, that can be used offline when no internet connection is available - Wordpress for Android
3) Android Photo gallery, to store pictures taken with the tablet or my Android phone
4) A photo editing application, to reduce picture size to what a Wordpress blog will accept as upload - Photo Editor by Dev. Macgyver.
5) A mobile keyboard, since typing on a touch screen is not always useful - Motorola's full size Bluetooth keyboard (about the size of the Xoom itself)

Nice detail about the latter: since Swiftkey is my default touch keyboard, it stays active when I use the offline keyboard. This means it keeps learning about my typing habits, which is very useful when using it later without the physical keyboard.

Actually, with all this, the Xoom became the ultimate digital travelling tool. It served as navigator, e-reader, blogging tool and occasionally as a way to play a small game.