A little under two months now, before my yearly visit to Cambridge, for Code Generation 2013 and the Language Workbench Challenge. This year, the challenge for the latter consists of creation of a Questionnaire Language, an idea bij Tijs van der Storm. So far, 14 teams have indicated they want to take part - including one that is going to implement the language in LISP!

Here's the full list of participating teams:

  • Meinte Boersma - Más
  • Sebastian Erdweg - SugarJ
  • Enrico Persiani and Riccardo Solmi - Whole Platform
  • Walter Almeida - Generative Objects
  • Pedro J. Molina & Ruben Jimenez - Icinetic
  • Mirko Richter, Klemens Schindler, Remi Bosman, Albert Gerritsen, Eugen Schindler, Martin Palatnik - MPS
  • Karsten Thoms - Xtext
  • Eelco Visser et.al. - Spoofax
  • Rico Huijbers, Remi Bosman - LISP
  • Tijs van der Storm - Rascal
  • Alex Loh - Ensō
  • Risto Pohjonen - MetaEdit+
  • Viktor Tönköl, Peter Balogh - Danubius Design Studio
  • Wim Bast, Carel Bast, Ronald Krijgsheld, Tom Brus - Declare

I'm looking forward to it, although the question how to present 14 possible solutions to an audience within the scope of 1 day, while at the same time avoiding a non-stop presentation marathon gives me a head ache.....