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After spending most of last year working on setting up an outsourcing activity for a customer, I'm back to software architecture and model driven development related activities right now. A number of things are keeping me busy, including some non-technical matters.


It's been going on for almost four years now, but by the beginning of this summer, we should have a first version of the SpeqS-tool ready for a pilot at a customer. Can't say much more about it right now, but the combination of organisational process design, language design and model interpretation allows for things that go beyond old fashioned process quality systems. We hope to bridge the gap between process design and process execution support in a single environment. Exciting, and still largely secret for a few more months.

Apart from that, I'm refamiliarising (is that a word??) with MPS and MBeddr, and preparing to demonstrate the LWC 2012 (domestic heating system) solution based on MetaEdit+ to a software architect involved in development of such heating systems.

Language Workbench Challenge, Code Generation and Software Development Automation

A workshop on comparing language workbenches, the Language Workbench Challenge sees it's fourth edition next week. This year we focus on scalability in terms of team size as well as model size. As usual, we have the workshop the day before the Code Generation conference kicks off - one with an interesting program once again. Not in the least because of keynotes by Steven Mellor and fellow Dutchman Johan den Haan. Both events keep me busy, since I am the lead organiser for the former, and a member of the programme committee for the latter.

Later this year, the Dutch one day conferene Software Development Automation will also see its second edition, for which I am a co-organiser. Not much to say about this one yet, but starting this week information will start appearing on the web site.

A book, or two (or three?)

At present, I am member of a team working on the Dutch translation of the book Getting Value out of Agile retrospectives by Ben Linders and Luis Goncalves. Being part of that team inspired me to start thinking again about writing my own book, which is still empty but for now got the working title Model Driven Software Development from all angles. This book may or may not see the light eventually, since earlier this week I agreed with Robert Deckers to start working on another book, which focuses on getting software done the right way, by taking a different angle toward software architecture and model driven development. That one may get priority over the other, but we aim to spend 2-3 years of lead time and intermediate blog posts before getting out the final work.

Coaching people and helping organisation change

An underlying issue for both software architecture and model driven development is the fact that software engineering will always involve people - at least for the foreseeable future. That is something that has been grabbing my attention for quite a while now, for various reasons. The most important ones being that I like working with people, and the fact that the reason a lot of software engineering efforts don't deliver fully on expectations is related to the people involved in these efforts.

Because of that, I've decided to make coaching people and organisations in changing the way they develop software part of my work. I've been coaching people for a few years already, and I've taken some courses to get up to speed with organisational matters. I was the first person to receive the certificate of vision developer from Eidoskoop in november 2013 (followed by 5 others within the same half hour), I completed a training on Eli Goldratt's thinking processes from the Theory of Constraints, and became a certified partner of Jump Movement. Things will gradually start to look different from now on as far as my work is concerned.