Well, it’s past 2AM, but I did it again: for the 5th time in 9 years have I migrated my blog to a different environment. First, I went from Blogspot to a self hosted Serendipity environment, then to TextPattern and later Wordpress. Now, I am almost back at square one when it comes to building web sites: Jekyll. I managed to get my web site theme working with Jekyll, and that makes my site a lot faster and easier to maintain. Guess I will stick to this for a while.

All the pages that you may be missing (training, services, network) will be up again some time in the next two weeks, and I will be integrating the Disqus commenting systems into the blog as well. It is about time, I promised to fix comments in April but I simply could not get Disqus and Wordpress to cooperate. Now we will see what plain and simple does….

Goodnight for now!